Chiang Mai!

The past 4 days, I’ve been busy in a primary school called Watpongyang…… (very long name) Primary School for my overseas community service trip.

The lifestyle that they Thai’s have is a lot more difficult than the Singaporean lifestyle. The children all clean the school, they have morning excercises and an hours worth of recess! The girls like to play volleyball and skipping rope while the boys play soccer and ping pong.

On my second day at the school, some of the girls asked me to play jump rope with them. Their version of jumprope was quite similar to what I had played before so it was alright, but they raised the rope and I couldn’t jump over it.

I found out their secret —

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Meadow Gold: Lush Red Velvet Icecream

I was expecting more.



Like the icecream to have more flavor.

the red velvet icecream tastes like Wall’s Chocolate icecream.


there’s like, marshmallows.

The only good part of this icecream. Sigh.

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My Razer Blade Pro Laptop ( & Razer Backpack )

So I finally convinced my dad that my Dell Inspiron 15 4GB ram laptop wasn’t enough.

I mean, 4 GB ram laptop running Maya 3D Software and Photoshop? You’ve got to be kidding me. Lag came every 5 mins and playing Dota 2 was hell. But now… I have my new laptop ^_^

It shipped out on the 24th, arrived on the 25th~

The wait for the arrival of the razer blade was HORRID. I was so excited that I couldn’t wait.


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Apothecarium: The Renaissance of Evil – Premium Edition

The other day, I bought a bundle pack ( games ) from BundleStars !

It was like £1.30 for 8 Hidden Object games. There’s only 2 days left to go 😡

(In no way am I advertising it but just so you know the link is here ->BUNDLEEE!)

It’s actually $1.99 for 8 but it was paid in GBP lols.

So anyway, it was a pretty good (and cheap) spend, I’ve finished the Apothecarium game with much unsatisfaction. ;_;


It starts of with a cut-scene of how a girl named Claudia, her mom got captured while on her way to a town called Apothecarium cuz’ a disease overcame the lands and Apothecarium was a town where the most famed scientists gathered to cure the disease. Yeah. That, and that fullscreen is a goner.

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I Fine Thank You I Love You [SPOILER ALERT]

This movie is a comedy romance movie, also known as “Ai Fai.. Thank You Love You”. It’s a Thai movie which was just released this year on the 22nd of January, 2015 (Singapore). Although it was released last year in 2014.

I’d just finished watching the entire movie. It’s kinda short, but it was worth it ~

…even though I don’t understand Thai.

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Nightmares from the Deep: Hidden Object Series

Hey guys!

I know this game series is kinda old, but I recently bought it over a year ago and have finally started playing it!

It’s about a museum owner who had just recently opened and was showcasing Davy Jones, an infamous sea pirate.

Now as you all know, the notorious Davy Jones was known for making sailors sign a “contract” with him. And once they’ve signed it, they’re slaves till their contract is fulfilled!

Isn’t that kind of horrible? I know.

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Caramel Pudding ~ ( this is not a tutorial )

Two days ago I made caramel pudding for the first time, using the oven to bake the luscious and soft puddings.

I mean, I already made pudding once, but that was with the steamer, and it was an experiment, with no caramel… so that ended up tasting like an egg tart.


The Grand Masterpiece

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Hey. So, I made omurice for lunch. And like, I made it for the first time ever. Well, I’m sure that you all know what omurice is, right? For those who don’t, basically… it’s fried rice that’s wrapped in an egg omelette. It’s an Asian dish that originated in Japan. That’s why the name Omu-Rice, also known as オムライス Omu-raisu, is in Japanese. Simple, sounds easy, I know. It wasn’t. ;_;


The Failure
The Failure

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